Welcome to the Fujitsu Rooms Booking System

    This booking system allows you to easily book Fujitsu meeting rooms all across Europe.

    If you have any problems with accessing the system, please contact AskIT Service Desk.

    Privacy Statement to Users of Fujitsu Rooms Booking System

    This room booking system “Fujitsu Rooms” is provided to Fujitsu by Gingco.Net for the sole purpose of room booking inclusive of related bookable services therein. Gingco.Net for this purpose will hold and the system process any personal data that you enter when using the system. All such data will be held, processed, and managed in compliance with GDPR and will remain inside the EU.

    By using the Fujitsu Rooms you consent to Gingco.Net collecting, processing and managing your personal data for the purposes that the system is provided.

    In compliance with GDPR, to use this service please be aware that a limited set of your personal employee details (Name, Email Address, Domain Login ID, Department, Base Location, ZinZai ID and Cost Centre) will be stored, and optionally you can add Topic, Meeting agenda and Visitors using this Booking System.

    Fujitsu Rooms will store your details for 12 months with the Fujitsu Service Provider, Gingco.Net, and afterwards all data will be anonymised.

    If you cannot login using the button above, please raise a call with AskIT.

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